Definition of a Field

Fields are used to capture information from and display information to your users in a Workflow. Fields can be either Workflow specific ("Workflow Fields") or Global ("Global Fields"). 

Global Fields can be used across any Workflow in your environment. They are useful for lists of shared items in your organization, like business units or locations. If you had multiple Applications that needed these shared list, a Global Field will allow you to share it. 

How to Create a Field

1) From the Workflow Canvas, double-click a Step to enter the Step Configuration screen.

2) Under the Available Fields Section on the left hand side, you have the option of choosing between a Workflow or Global Field (click the appropriate tab). Then click the blue + New Field button.

3) Select the type of Field you would like to create from the available options. Then click Next. 

4) Enter a Name. This is the short name that will be used to reference the Field in the Admin modules. It will not display to end-users.

5) Enter a Label. This is the label that the end-user will see for this Field on a form. For example, if you wanted the user to enter comments, the label may be something like "Please provide comments".

6) Enter Tooltip text (optional) – Text entered here will be displayed when the end-user hovers over the '?' symbol next to the Field on a form.

7) Once you've entered all Fields, then click Save Field.

8) Various fields have different options based on their field type. For instance, Text-based Field types have validations options. The validation is a regular expression or RegExp string that can be entered to validate user input. See Creating Validations Using Regular Expressions article for more details.

9) Field types that are based on a list of options (Select, Multi-Select, Checkbox, etc.) have a Values tab where options available to the user can be configured. To enter a new option, enter a label in the Text Value box under the Add Value section, then click the green '+ Add'  icon. The Numeric Value is the value that is used in Calculations for the given label and will default to '1' unless you edit it.

10) To remove a Value, click the red X icon to the right of the Value. 

11) To reorder the values, drag and drop the values into the desired order. 

12) Navigate to the Default tab. This shows a preview of what the Field will look like to end-users. The value selected for the Field will be the default value for this Field when a new Record is created (this step is optional and you do not have to select a default value. If no default value is selected the ghost text will be 'Select...' )

Note: If you change this default value later on, it will only reflect in new Records created after this change and not in old Records created prior to this change. 

Fields Types

Due Date Fields

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