In order to add/display Fields on a Step, you must first add a Section and a Sub-Section to house the fields. Follow the steps below to add Sections and Sub-Sections to a Step:

1) Create a Step Section by clicking on the Add Form Section button at the bottom of the Step builder. Sections serve as physical placeholders for Sub-Sections, which then in turn house the Fields.

2) To name the Section, click on the words New Section and edit the name. To delete the section, click on the Gear icon at the far right-hand side of the section, then click the Delete Section button.

3) Add a new Sub-Section to a Section by clicking the Add Subsection icon at the bottom-left of the section. This will add the new Sub-Section to the page. To change the Sub-Section name, click on the New Section text and edit the name. To remove the Sub-Section, click on the Gear icon to the right side within the Sub-Section, then click the Delete button.

4) To change the column width of the Sub-Section, click on the Gear icon to the right side. Click the blue + or - buttons to change the Sub-Section size between of one, two, or three.

5) To change the icon or color of the Sub-Section, click on the Icon at the top-left of the Sub-Section box. Select the Icon you would like to display and/or click on the color box to be shown a color picker or use a hex code to change the color that is displayed at the top of the Sub-Section.

6) Once you've created the sub-section, you can now begin to drag and drop fields into your form. Refer to the Creating a Field help article to learn more about creating new fields. 

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