Follow the steps below to add a Field to a Sub-section:

1) To add a Field to a Sub-section, click and drag a Field from the Available Fields section into the center of a Sub-section until a gray placeholder appears. Release the mouse to place the Field in the form Sub-section.

2) When the Field is first placed in the Step, it will be editable to the end-user. To make the Field read-only on the Step for the end-user, single-click the green Enabled button, changing the button to display Read-Only. New icons will become available, and the Field will be editable will the end-user is completing Work on this Step. Click the Read-Only button again and the Field will change back to be in Editable mode for the end-user.

3) To make the Field required for this Step, click the Asterisk icon. It will turn purple to show that this Field will be required before the end-user can submit their Work while it is on this Step in the Application.

3) To remove a Field from being displayed on this Step, click the red X button. Note that this does not delete the Field itself; it will simply hide it from this Step. The Field will then appear on your toolbox on the right-hand size of the screen, where you can begin again at Step #1 above to add it back to the Step.

4) To create an Edge, or Record routing logic, based upon a Field, click the Create an Edge path icon. Once clicked, you can then define and save your Edge routing logic for this particular Field. Once the Edge conditions are saved, the Conditional Edge Path will then show up at the bottom of the Step builder. Please see the Working with Paths article for more details on how to set this up.

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