If a Workflow Mapping Relationship has been set up you can now select to display a Workflow Link Section on a form. Workflow Link Sections allow you to create, view, or link objects from a related Workflow.

How Linked Workflow Data Appears to End-Users

Data from a Linked Workflow will show up in a table view to your business end-users like the "Assessment" Section shown below. In the example show below there is just one related parent Record.

A few considerations for Linked Workflow Sections:

  • When searching for Records in Linked Workflow Sections, the search will return results for ALL Fields in the Workflow, not just those shown on the Layout.

  • User Group access is not applied to displaying Records in the Linked Workflow Section.

How to Configure a Linked Workflow Section

1. To add a Workflow link, first add a Form Section to your Step by clicking the Add Form Section button. 

2. You will then be presented with a Link Workflow button within that Section. Click the Link Workflow button to add a Workflow Link Section.

3. In the Linked Workflow dropdown, select the Workflow you would like to link in this Section. 

Note: you can only select from Workflows for which relationships have been created. Refer to the Connecting Workflows Together article to learn more about creating relationships between Workflows. Additionally, you can only display the same Workflow Link a single time in a given Step, but you can setup any number of Workflow Links to show if you have more than one related Workflow.

4. Set the configuration options for Workflow Link. The options available are as follows:

Layout – This is the table view that will display to the end-user within the Record page. Layouts can be created in the Layout module.

Allow assignee to:

  • Create a new [Linked Workflow prefix] that is linked to this record - If enabled, end-users will be able to create and link new Records in the Linked Workflow.

  • Create Step - If 'Create a new [Linked Workflow prefix] that is linked to this record' is enabled, then the Create Step option will appear. the selected Step will be where the new Record will be created.

  • Automatically start the [Linked Workflow prefix] record on creation - If enabled, end-users will be taken to the page of any new Record they create, and redirected back to the form when they are finished. This option is only available if 'Create a new [Linked Workflow prefix] that is linked to this record' is enabled.

  • Search for [Linked Workflow prefix] records and link to this record – If enabled, end-users will be able to search for and link existing Records from the target Workflow.

  • Unlink [Linked Workflow prefix] records – If enabled, end-users will be able to remove (unlink) currently linked Records.

Require assignee to:

  • Link at least 1 [Linked Workflow prefix] record before submitting – If enabled, at least one Record must be linked before the form can be submitted.

  • Complete all linked [Linked Workflow prefix] before submitting – If enabled, all linked Records must be complete before this form can be submitted.

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