Selected Redirects are a way in which the administrator can can give the end user access to Redirect a Record to any Step in the Workflow other than the Default Path or any Conditional Edge Paths.

Note: Selected Redirects are a way to force a Record to move to any Step regardless of how the end user fills out the Fields on the Record. If this functionality is used by the end users regularly, then it can also be accomplished in a more elegant and controlled manner by setting up Conditional Edge Paths based on how an end user answers the Fields. More detail can be found on this in the Working with Paths article. 

  1. To enable a redirect, double click the Source Step on the Workflow Canvas to be brought to the Step Builder.

2) Scroll down to the bottom of the page and find the Paths section.

3) Click into Selected Redirects and click Add Selected Redirect.

4) A new Redirect box will pop-up with a few different options.

Target: Select the target Step that you want to allow end users to move the Record into (you can select any Step in the Workflow, including the Step that you're in).

App User Assignee (optional): Turn this on if you want to allow the end user to assign this piece of work to someone who has an account in Risk Cloud.

External Email Assignee (optional): Turn this on if you want to allow the end user to assign this piece of work to an external e-mail address for someone who does not have an account in Risk Cloud.

Require Assignee (optional): This option will only appear if either of the assignee options are selected. Enabling this option will require the end user to select a user to assign this piece of work.

5) Once complete, click the Save button to save your Selected Redirect. It will now show up in the Selected Redirects section at the bottom of the Step Builder, where you can also Edit and Delete any existing Selected Redirects.

6) For the end user, the Selected Redirect(s)  will show up as a drop-down box at the very bottom of the Record next to the Complete button. Upon selecting a Step in the Selected Redirect drop-down box, the Complete button will change to a Redirect button.

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