The Access module is where Roles can be created, modified, and assigned to users. 


Roles serve as a collection of Entitlements, typically corresponding to a function within a business. For example, an Executive Role may have access to view all records at each Step in a Workflow, but may not be able to perform any of the work. Whereas a Manager Role would have access to perform work in an Approval Step.

Adding New Roles

New Roles can be created by navigating to Build-->Access and clicking on + New Role above the Roles table.

Enter a name for the new Role in the Name field corresponding to the users' function. You can also select whether the new Role should be set as a Default Role. A Default Role is role will automatically be granted to each new user added to Risk Cloud.


Entitlements control what users assigned to the role will be able to do or see in the application.

Module Entitlements 

These control access to menu functions like Reports or the Build section. To limit a user to just their Work Queue, no entitlements should be added. Check out the Module Entitlements for Roles article for more information.

Step Entitlements

Note: If your environment does not look like the screenshots below, please refer to this article on how to use Permission Sets!

These control what data a user can view or edit in each Step of a workflow. To add a Step entitlement: 

  1. Select the Step tab and then select +Add Entitlement

2. Click into the Select Application... drop-down menu and find the Application that you want to grant access to.

3. After the Application is added, select the Workflow you want. Then select the Steps you want to grant access to. Then click Done.

4. If you don't want this Role to have edit access to this Step, you may toggle the access to 'read-only' by clicking the book icon. Leave the Step on the green pencil icon if you want edit access.

Add Users

Once you have defined the Module and Step entitlements for your Role, add users to the Role in the Users tab. Then click Done to save and exit the pop-up box.

You've successfully created a new Role in Risk Cloud. If you would like to add more Step access to this Role after it has been created, you can repeat step 2 above or alternatively refer to the Set Role Access to a Step article to grant Role access while you are in the Build Module.

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