Home screen is only available starting October 5, 2020 to primary users in your account. Configure your Application Home screen by November 16, 2020 to create a seamless experience for your end-users.

Your Application's Home screen is going to be home base for your end-users that are doing work or reviewing Records. This article reviews how you can set up the Home screen for any Application you have access to modify.

Note: You will need to configure a Home screen for each one of your Applications and the Home screen you configure will be applied to ALL USERS (it is not unique to you).

Step 1: Create or Identify your key Table Reports

In your Home screen, you can pin any number of Table Reports that capture the data that is important to your end-user. Therefore, the first step is to create Table Reports (or identify any existing Table Reports) that you want to add to your Application's Home screen.

Some best practices include:

Create at least 1 Table Report for every Workflow that a user should see on Home

If you want your users to be able to see all of the Risks in your Risk Register, and also all of the Assessments in the Risk Assessments workflow, create 2 Table Reports.

Create a separate Table Report for every view you want your users to see

If you want your user to be able to quickly identify their Risks — Risks where the current user is the Risk Owner — but also quickly browser all Risks, create 2 Table Reports on the Risk Register workflow but include a filter on one.

Name your Table Reports with the call to action

The Table Report will show up on the Home screen with its name. We recommend naming your Table Reports with the action you'd like your users to take. For example, "Review your overdue risk assessments" or "Browse your vendors."

Step 2: Add Table Reports to Home screen

There are two ways to pin a Table Report to Home.

You can click the Add to home button on a Table Report.

You can click Configure Home from the Home screen to add, remove, reorder Table Reports.

Step 3: Take your Home screen for a test run

Test your end-to-end process with your new Home screen. Test for whether your end-users will be able to find all the relevant work they need and complete it from the Homes screen. Also, compare your new Home screen to the Work Queue for your Application make sure that your Home screen captures all the information your users need to see.

Still need help? Not a problem. Schedule 1:1 time in October to set-up your Home screen with a Product Manager or Customer Success Manager.

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