Introducing Home to all users

Starting Nov. 16, all your end-users will be routed to your newly-configured Home. Your end-users will be able to access the Home screen for each Application they have permissions to view and complete work.

Connect your Table Reports to PowerBI

Leverage PowerBI’s powerful dashboard and analytics tools with your Risk Cloud data. Creating a connection between your PowerBI instance and a Table Report with your data now just takes a few clicks.

Looking to go-live with a Risk Cloud integration? Our Integration Services team is here to help.

Display a Relationship Report with Conditions

You can now choose to conditionally show or hide a relationship report on your record based on the values of other fields on your workflow. For example, if you use a relationship report to show the connection between your control assessment and a set of controls, you can use the type of control assessment you are performing to drive what controls you see linked on your record.

Set Default Users on User Fields

Using default values on fields is a useful way to either display read-only data on a record when a record is created or set a most-likely value on your records that can still be modified later in your workflow. Now you can leverage this power of default values with user fields.

Unique URL for Multi-Paged Record

Each page in your multi-paged records now has a unique URL that you can share with your end-users and stakeholders.

Field Change Audit has Moved

The field change audit can now be accessed via the history button instead of the cog on your record page. This will give you one location to access record history and field history.

And More!

  • Using the Jira Integration? Now, view any linked Risk Cloud record from within a ticket in Jira and update your Jira token when necessary via the Risk Cloud Integrations hub.

  • Designate which field represents a Primary Field for each of your Workflows. This Primary Field will be leveraged in upcoming features to meaningfully identify your records.

  • Behind-the-scenes load time improvements for complex Table and Visual Reports.

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