You can now bulk create users with a CSV file in your Risk Cloud environment. To do this, Navigate to Admin > Users to get to the Users page.

Click Import Users on the lower right corner of the screen to display import menu and download the CSV template file

Enter users' details First, Last, Email, and Company in the CSV file and upload or drop the file in the "Drop CSV Here or Browse Files" area. Note: Only the First, Last, and Email Fields are required to create the user.

The Import Users menu will change and show import progress until all users are imported

Please note that a Welcome Email similar to the one below will automatically be sent to all users created using the Import Users menu.

Once the import is finished, you will be able to see your imported users in the Active Users tab in the Users page!

To learn how to create new users individually in your Risk Cloud environment please refer to the Creating User Accounts article.

To learn how to manage current users please refer to the Managing Users article.

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