Visual Reports allow you to visually display your data to get a quick glance at the metrics most important to you. You can embed several Visual Reports in a dashboard to put together a holistic view of your GRC program.

The following types of charts are supported:

  • Line

  • Area

  • Bar

  • Scatter

  • Heatmap

  • Donut

  • Metric

  • Gauge

How to create individual Visual Reports:

1) Visual Reports can be created through the Reports-> Visual Reports tab in the navigation menu. Select the +New Visual Report button.

2) You must first select a dataset as a basis for the report. Select any Workflow or Table Report and click Continue.

3) Visual Reports can be based on any of the chart types shown below. Select Bar click Continue.

4) Once you select the axis you would like the report based on, your report will appear in the window as shown below.

The settings on the left allow you to change the configuration of the report including sorting, orientation, axis settings, and other display options.

5) Once your settings are complete, provide a Title to your report, click the Create Report button, and click Done.

6) You'll then be taken to the expanded view of your Visual Report.

You can also create a new Visual Report directly from a Dashboard by clicking the + Add Visual Report button. Here you'll be able to add existing Visual Reports to your Dashboard or create a new one. Click the Create Visual Report button.

Special Colors for Visual Reports

By default, the Risk Cloud will color Visual Reports by an accessible color palette with 14 different hues. Some types of Visual Reports offer further color customization to help you more easily see and understand your data.

Color by Calculation Label

If you create a Visual Report based on a calculation field that has labels with configured colors, the Visual Report can use those label colors. This helps maintain consistency across the application and helps your users quickly see the colors you configured for the calculation field.

Color Heatmaps by Calculation to Create Risk Maps

Visualize and communicate where your risks lie against your risk matrix with new Risk Maps functionality. You can now identify and quantify your risks using calculations to color Heat Map Visual Reports.

You can configure a heat map to color by calculation by selecting the "Colors" tab on the Visual Report edit modal for Heat Maps:

Once on the colors tab, you can choose to color by calculation and enter the fields you set as the X and Y axes. Make sure to use an expression with %x and %y instead of %f like in other areas in the platform. You can also choose whether to use the default color scheme (green -> red) or a custom color scheme using the Color palette,

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