As records move throughout your processes, it can be important to know what changes were made to the record and by whom. To get a full picture of this, we can our Audit History feature.

Accessing Audit History

Click the clock icon at the top-right of the Record Header Bar to expand the Audit History box. This will display both the Field History and the Record History.

Field History

From the Field History section, users can choose to download a CSV file containing the 1,000 most recent changes of Field Fistory. The file will include the following information:

  • What Field was changed

  • What is the new value of the field

  • The user who made the change

  • The time the change was made

Record History

The Record History Section will display the audit history of the different users who have accessed the Record and in what capacity. This includes the following types of changes:

  • When a record was created

  • When a record was assigned or unassigned

  • When a record moves to a new Step

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