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Permission Sets

Permission Sets are a collection of step permissions, typically corresponding to a function within an Application. For example, in an Application you may have a Log New Incident Permission Set that corresponds to creating new records within an origin step within your Application but another Review Incident Permission Set that corresponds to steps where these incidents need to be triaged.

Users can be added to a Permission Set directly or a Permission Set can be mapped to a Role that corresponds to a function within your organization (e.g. IT managers, ITOps, etc.).

This article details how to add and manage Permission Sets.

Adding New Permission Sets

New Permission Sets can be created by navigating to Build-->Access.

You can choose to either:

  • Search for an existing Permission Set by Name or Application

  • Create a New Permission Set

You can create and modify Permission Sets for Applications you have access to build. You may not see an Application on this list if you have not been granted build access to that application.

When you create or modify a new Permission Set, you can enter the following:

  • Name: How do you want to identify the Permission Set?

  • Application: What Application is the Permission Set for?

  • Steps: This appears once you select an Application. What Steps should users with this Permission Set have access to?

  • Users: Which users should be added to this Permission Set? This is useful if you want a small set of users to test your permissions.

  • Roles: Should all users within a Role also have access to the steps within this Permission Set?

Managing Your Permission Sets and Roles

When you specify that you want all users within a Role to have access to your Permission Set, you will see a list of all the users.

You must be a system admin to add or remove a Role from a Permission Set, since managing Roles is an administrative function.

If you navigate to the Roles tab as a system administrator, you can also see all the Permission Sets that are attached to that Role, and the permissions that correspond to each Permission Set. You can also add and remove Permission Sets from a Role.


Permission Sets are permissions are specific to an Application. Roles correspond to functions within your organizational hierarchy. You can:

  • Add Users directly to your Permission Set: Useful when you have a small set of users who need access to the Permission Set or are testing your Application with a small set of users

  • Attach the Permission Set to a Role: Useful when you are ready to go-live with your Application to a large cohort of your secondary users!

It's easy to add and remove a Permission Set from a Role. Any feedback? Let us know at

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