When creating Table Reports, there are times when records appear to be listed multiple times within the same Report. This article will explore the cause of this "duplication" and clarify some pieces of functionality within Table Reports.

Why do some of my records appear on multiple line items within the same Report?

  • The first factor that we need to consider when determining why some records appear on multiple rows is what Workflow was chosen as the Primary Workflow of the Report. In the report below, the Secure Controls Framework was chosen as the Primary Workflow when creating the Report. The Primary Workflow dictates the overall structure of the Report. Each record included in the Primary Workflow of a Report will be included within the Report (pending filters). For example, in the screenshot below, each SCF Control is included within the Report.

  • The second factor that determines which records are displayed multiple times depends on Workflow linkages. As you can see below, some SCF Controls are listed multiple times in separate rows. The reason why these SCF Controls are listed multiples times is because of their linkages to ISO 27001 Controls and PCI Requirements. SCF Number GOV-01, for example, appears as two, distinct line items because it is tied to both PCI Requirement 12.1 and PCI Requirement 12.1.1. GOV-05, for example. only appears in one row because it is not linked to any of the other Workflows included within the Report.

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