How do I include field results in Emails?

Generic email subject lines often get lost in your user's inbox. You can now create subject lines that include specific field results from the record the message is about.

You can create Contextual Notifications by adding field variables into the email subject line or body content. The field variables will automatically populate with the field values specific to the triggering record of the job and you can embed them within your message for a custom, non-generic message.

Click the Add Field Variable button and select the workflow that the desired field comes from and then select the field of interest. You also have the ability to insert fields from linked workflows. If you choose a field from a linked workflow, you will need to designate whether to populate the job message with the most recent Field value from all the Records in the linked Workflow or the oldest Field value from all the Records in the linked workflow.

Note: You will not see the Add Field Variable button on message setup for Fixed Jobs because you cannot add Field Variables for that trigger.

As you can see with the message we are creating here , you can add a combination of custom fields, system fields, and linked workflow fields. The fields from linked workflows are differentiated with a different color pill. Below, the green pills are from the Risk Register workflow and the purple pill is from the Risk Assessments workflow in the Enterprise Risk Management application.

If a field has not yet been completed by your end-user, the message will look something like the message below when sent out, which indicates that in this case that the “Assesment Frequency” field is blank:

These field variables give you the ability to embed field results into the content of your message and provide more context to your users.

How do I include field results in Slack messages?

Slack messages can also include field results in the same way as Emails. Simply click Add Field Variable corresponding to the Slack text box and add the fields you would like.

The above message contains the following field results: the record name of the most recent risk assessment along the the risk name and risk score. This will help your users understand the context of the message and be given more detailed information.

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