Jobs History: Now on Record Pages

Building on Jobs History released last month, you will now be able to view all previous job executions for a particular record directly from the record page. The modal will show the names of all jobs triggered by the record in the past and the date that the job was triggered. This feature can be accessed from the cog drop-down while on the record page.

This feature can be accessed from the cog drop-down while on the record page.

Gain Insight into your Jobs with Jobs Schedule

Navigate to the new Jobs Schedule tab on your jobs page to see the upcoming runs for your jobs. The tab allows you to filter by job of interest and will include information about the date the job is scheduled for, the triggering records primary field value, the records due date, and the job message and operation details. The Jobs Schedule is part of a phased release that will take place throughout the month of June and may not immediately be available.

Leverage Webhooks to Send Event Information

Risk Cloud Webhooks give you the power to send data from within Risk Cloud to an external system, allowing you the opportunity to build more robust and scalable integrations. Webhooks deliver data to other systems as it happens meaning you will have access to real-time Risk Cloud information in the places you want it most.

Reach out to your Relationship Manager to learn more about our integration packages and enable Webhooks in your environment. More information also available here.

Persistent Filters on Table Reports

Have you ever applied a filter to a table report or your home screen and been annoyed that it disappears every time you navigate back to the page? In the new release, filters applied to table reports by users will be persisted for that user until they choose to remove or clear them. When looking at the table report there will be two collapsible filter sections: one for default filters added by admins and another for additional filters that have been added by users. We have also added a “Clear Additional Filters” button so users can quickly and easily clear out all their additional filters if needed.

Note: Currently end user filters will be reset each time a builder edits the related table report. Additionally, end user selections for “flexible” default filters are not persisted. We are working on enhancements to this feature to address these two use cases and improve the experience!

And More!

  • Updated Integrations Page: New cards have been added along with information on how to enable the integration in your Risk Cloud!

  • Ability to preview PDFs in attachment fields without having to download them

  • In the roles modal, search for Permission Sets by Application or Permission Set Name

  • Additional sortable columns in Build>Roles tab to help identify roles with no users, no permissions, etc.

  • Warning on jobs messages that have stale field pills which occur when a field was deleted or a workflow link was removed so the job is unable to include that information in the message. Note: Jobs will still trigger with stale pills

New in Risk Cloud Exchange (RCX)

Updates and new items available to explore in RCX:

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