Admin users of a Risk Cloud account can update the theme settings for all users of the Application. This feature can be used to replace the default logo and colors with your company's own brand guidelines.

Note: themes are a premium feature that may not be available on all accounts.

How to update the theme

Admin users can update the theme in the Admin->Account menu.

  • Menu: The left side menu can be set to either Light or Dark mode.

  • Header Color: This option controls the color displayed in the header bar of Risk Cloud.

  • Header Text: This option controls the color of text used in the header menu.

  • Header Image: This option controls the image displayed in the upper left corner of the application. (See image recommendations below.)

  • Login Image: This option controls the image displayed to users on the login screen. This may not apply to accounts with single sign on enabled. (See image recommendations below.)

Custom Image Recommendations

For best results when uploading custom header or login images, we recommend using a vector file type like SVG or a PNG with a transparent background. Images that are wider than they are tall (similar to the LogicGate logo) will also look better in our current platform layout.

Resetting the Theme

Clicking the 'reset theme' link in the upper right will reset the theme to the Risk Cloud default. This action cannot be undone.

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