LogicGate is a powerful Application and Workflow management platform that transforms mission-critical risk and compliance activities by enhancing accountability, increasing flexibility, and reducing risk. Each use case on LogicGate is managed as a self-contained ‘Application’, which contains all of the rules, workflow, logic, and reports to run each Application effectively. LogicGate’s standard Applications templates listed below can be rapidly deployed to any LogicGate environment as stand-alone Applications, or can be linked together for greater insights and visibility.

Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)

Workflows: Risk Register, Risk Assessments, Risk Mitigation

Description: Risk teams can build a robust risk register by defining potential risks associated with activities across the enterprise. Capture everything from vendor interactions and finance, to sales and marketing activity. Using the risk register, easily create and assign assessments to stakeholders across your business units. Capture quantitative risk dimensions such as impact and likelihood to standardize scoring across the organization. Qualitative questionnaires ensure critical commentary is added to risk data. If risk levels are outside of your organization’s acceptable range, log and track risk mitigation activities, with the ability to send automatic email reminders to risk owners and mitigation owners when their tasks are coming due.

Linkable Applications: Third-Party Risk Management, IT Risk Management, Incident Management, Policy & Procedure Management

Third-Party Risk Management

Workflows: Vendor Repository, Third-Party Risk Assessments, Third-Party Risk Assessment Findings

Description: LogicGate’s Vendor Risk Assessment Application allows organizations to more effectively manage third-party risk and track vendor relationships. Using our A, you can create and assign third-party risk assessments for initial vendor onboarding or ongoing quarterly/annual reviews. Simply enter the email address of the vendor and LogicGate will send them a link with an assessment to complete. Different questionnaires can be crafted for each vendor type based on the risk factors that are applicable to them. Automated rules can route completed assessments to the correct team for review, escalate high-risk findings, or kick-off additional follow-up questionnaires as needed.

Linkable Applications: Procurement & Contract Management, Enterprise Risk Management, GDPR Compliance Support

Incident Management 

Workflows: Incidents, Incident Tasks, Incident Communications

Description: The Incident Management Application provides a centralized location where incidents reported across the enterprise by employees, customers, or third parties can be logged, triaged, and resolved. The solution helps limit risk exposure by immediately addressing known incidents and escalating to the right person. LogicGate’s incident management template can be easily customized to handle the most common to the most complex incident management cases. Using our flexible workflow engine, you can tailor the Application to match how you handle incidents within your organization - making it ideal for anything from multi-faceted event reporting to simple case ticketing.

Linkable Applications: Enterprise Risk Management

Policy & Procedure Management

Workflows: Policy Inventory, Policy Versions, Policy Reviews, Policy Approvals

Description: LogicGate’s Policy and Procedure Management Application provides a centralized document repository that enhances collaboration and improves the quality of policy content across the enterprise. Our customizable workflows ensure effective and relevant policies, procedures, and other critical documents can be requested, written, updated, and followed by your lines of business. Automatic reminders help to facilitate the timely completion of policy review and approval requests, as well as help to enforce periodic update cycles for all key documents.

Linkable Applications: Enterprise Risk Management, Employee Compliance

IT Risk Management

Workflows: Systems/Assets, Threats, Vulnerabilities, IT Risk Assessments, Risk Mitigation Actions, Controls

Description: Use LogicGate’s IT Risk Management Application to drive workflows that identify and capture critical information assets across the enterprise and classify them by risk level. Customize your inventory of threat actors and threat events and centrally track known vulnerabilities along with their severity scores. Configure your IT risk assessment methodology based on your organization’s risk appetite and design custom rules based on ratings for confidentiality, integrity, availability, etc. Ensure the appropriate risk treatment is taken when risks are over a particular tolerance level and then create accountability by assigning mitigation activities with due dates to the relevant business or IT owners. As controls are implemented, document them in your custom IT controls register, or utilize one or more of the control frameworks included in LogicGate’s control repository, such as NIST 800-53 and ISO 27002.

Linkable Applications: Enterprise Risk Management, Controls Management

Employee Compliance

Workflows: Employees, Attestations/Certifications, Requirements

Description: LogicGate’s Employee Compliance Application enables you to easily manage the many certifications and attestations that your employees are required to complete. Ensure that your employees have read all of the necessary policies and procedures, and completed other important requirements, by building a workflow to help manage and track all upcoming due dates. By implementing a single source of truth for employee compliance, you can reliably and centrally monitor your employee policy attestations, training requirements, etc. – allowing you to take immediate action if an employee is not in compliance.

Linkable Applications: Policy & Procedure Management

Procurement & Contract Management

Workflows: Vendor Repository, Contracts, Service Level Agreements

Description: The Procurement and Contract Management Application helps you ensure the appropriate due diligence is performed before partnering with a new vendor or accepting a new service provider. Representatives from any business unit can submit contract requests to the procurement team via a request portal. Holistically manage contracts across the enterprise by making sure that vendors are qualified and approved by Procurement before contracting begins. After a contractual relationship is formalized, ensure that service level agreements are followed through on by tracking them in a centralized repository with due date associated where necessary. Send automatic notifications to vendor relationship owners when key dates are approaching, such as contract renewal, NDA expiration, etc. 

Linkable Applications: Third-Party Risk Management

GDPR Compliance Support

Workflows: Individual Rights Request Portal, Data Processing Activity Records, Data Breach Notifications, Data Protection Impact Assessments

Description: By operationalizing key requirements outlined in the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation, LogicGate’s GDPR Compliance Support Application enable your organization to better manage personal data. Collect data subject access requests from individuals via a public portal and track the requests through completion. Ensure the appropriate records are kept for all relevant data processing activities. React quickly after a personal data breach occurs to make sure appropriate authorities are notified within the 72 hour required window. Assess high-risk data processing operations to understand potential risks and implement safeguards as needed.

Linkable Applications: Third-Party Risk Management

Business Continuity Plan Management

Workflows: Business Continuity Plans, Significant Business Disruptions, Critical Business Functions, Mission Critical Systems, Business Continuity Procedures

Description: The Business Continuity Planning Application helps you to proactively document your business continuity procedures so your organization can continue operating in the event of a major disruption or disaster. Identify the significant business disruptions that may impact your organization. Understand what functions and systems are critical to your business and develop procedures to ensure they are resilient enough to be maintained during a significant business disruption. Once your business continuity plan is built, develop workflows to facilitate the regular testing and updating of your plan to ensure that it continues to accurately reflect what is required to protect your ever-changing organization.

Linkable Applications: N/A

Compliance Task Management

Workflows: Compliance Areas/Regulations, Compliance Tasks, Task Actions

Description: Get a handle on the myriad sources of compliance requirements that your organization must comply with by utilizing LogicGate’s Compliance Task Management Application. Centrally track and manage all of the various regulations, standards, and industry mandates that apply to your business and set-up automatic reminders for tasks that must be performed on a recurring, regular basis (e.g., annually, semi-annually, quarterly, monthly). As the next due date approaches for each task, let LogicGate send automatic reminders to the task owner and capture evidence of task completion for easy reference if and when your organization is audited.

Linkable Applications: N/A

Controls Management

Workflows: Audits, Control Evaluations, Corrective Actions

Description: Link this Controls Management Application template to any control framework (whether one from the LogicGate Control Repository, an imported control framework, or your organization’s custom controls) to facilitate the evaluation of your organization’s control effectiveness. Perform control audits and assign control evaluations or evidence requests to the appropriate control owners or stakeholders across your business. If control gaps are found, initiate corrective action workflows to ensure steps are taken to address the deficiencies. Expedite your control evaluation processes by utilizing LogicGate’s linking capabilities to define mappings between various control frameworks, so that evaluations or evidence provided for one framework can be viewed and applied for related controls as well.

Linkable Applications: LogicGate Control Repository, IT Risk Management, SOX Controls Testing

SOX Controls Testing 

Workflows: Risk Register, Control Repository, Narrative Repository, Audits, Control Tests

Description: LogicGate's SOX Audit Management Application can be used by internal audit or SOX compliance teams to act as not only a centralized repository for SOX risks, controls, and narratives, but also as an effective and simple solution for gathering SOX evidence and housing control testing outcomes. Emails are automatically generated each time a control is created in order to get the control owner's review and approval. When it is time to gather evidence and test the controls, evidence can be gathered using automated emails to the responsible employee from LogicGate so that they can easily drag and drop their evidence into the system for review and testing. Note: This Application template does not include time tracking or Gantt charts.

Linkable Applications: Controls Management

LogicGate also offers a Control Repository that contains standard control sets. Refer to the LogicGate Control Repository article to learn more about our offerings.

If you're interested in having any of these templates loaded to your environment, please contact us at support@logicgate.com or chat us via the in app messenger. 

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