Copying a section allows you to quickly replicate a section configuration from one Step to the next. The entire layout of the section gets copied along with it, including all sub-sections, fields, and conditional section/sub-section details.

Once you have a section arranged how you like, you can click the copy icon within the gear icon in the upper right of the section:

Once copied, the system will place that section configuration in the clipboard. When you navigate to the next Step, you will see a Paste icon at the bottom right.

Once clicked, it will then create a new section with the same configuration as the copied section. Any fields in the copied section that were already included on that Step will be moved into the copied section.

Important Notes:

  • You can only copy sections between Steps within the same Workflow.

  • Copying and pasting sections from one Page of a Step to another will lead to the same result that is seen when sections are copied and pasted within the same Page. The fields originally contained within the section that was copied will only display within the newly created section. They will no longer appear in the section that was originally copied.


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