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Complete The Wizard Steps

[Step 1 of 5] Enable SSO for SAML Application

  • "SETUP MY OWN CUSTOM APP" bottom of modal

[Step 2 of 5] Google IdP Information

  • Under "Option 2" IDP metadata: "DOWNLOAD" (downloads GoogleIDPMetadata-[domain].xml)
  • "NEXT"

[Step 3 of 5] Basic information for your Custom App

  • Application Name: LogicGate
  • Description: Allow SSO access to the LogicGate application.
  • "CHOOSE FILE" (logicgate_logo_mark_color.png)
  • "NEXT"

[Step 4 of 5] Service Provider Details

  • ACS URL: https://[subdomain].logicgate.com/sso/saml/SSO/alias/[subdomain]
  • Entity ID: https://[subdomain].logicgate.com/sso/saml/metadata/alias/[subdomain]
  • Start URL: <empty>
  • Signed Response: <unchecked>
  • Name ID: Basic Information, Primary Email
  • Name ID Format: EMAIL
  • "NEXT"

Note 1: [subdomain] is the part of your Risk Cloud URL before '.logicgate.com':

Note 2: You'll be able to identify your ACS URL and Entity ID in the SP metadata from your Risk Cloud environment.


Entity ID

[Step 5 of 5] Attribute Mapping

  • <no action required>
  • "NEXT"

Further instructions from Google can be found here and to view additional instructions on Risk Cloud, view the 'Enabling Single-Sign On' help article.

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